With "a good sense of humor never goes out of style" as her guiding light, Maiden Maxwell designer KK Harris delved into the world of textile design head-on with the arrival of her son, Anson. She sought to create a pattern for the nursery that was inspired by history but felt "not too serious" and at the same time, "not too baby."

KK likes to joke that she has "the mind of a preservationist and the heart of a modernist." Her designs seek to reference history while embracing progress. It's the juxtaposition of old and new that has always inspired her.

KK Harris for Maiden Maxwell, featuring Ansonborough in Seed Foam


Born from the desire to create classic designs that feel lighthearted, Maiden Maxwell strips away the stuffiness to reveal mood-boosting prints. It's a young, fresh take on tradition. KK spent years researching and developing the artwork for her debut collection, as well as creating partnerships with craftspeople to help with its production. Her inspiration comes from many (often unpredictable) sources, though of particular interest are the design decisions made by the French during the reign of Louis XIV, the elegance of the American Revolutionary period with its Federal style, Art Deco, and the studies of 18th Century female botanists. She leverages a totally unique color palette of vibrant pastel tones and metallic pigments. As a result, traditional designs marry modern colors to create storied interior decor.

Designs are currently scheduled to launch October 2019. To apply for a trade account with preferred vendor pricing kindly reference our TRADE PAGE.