KK Harris is a Virginia born and Manhattan-based design entrepreneur. 

She is known for her playful use of pastels, her ability to juxtapose old and new, and her vast knowledge of Historic American Interiors.

 Artist KK Harris


KK studied both historic preservation and studio art in Charleston, SC, as well as brand management in Richmond, VA. She learned about the interiors business from her mother, who has managed high end interior workrooms for more than three decades. She realized her love for pattern after starting her own retail operation in 2016, House of Floralie, where she designed the signature boxes, wrapping and tissue papers. She saw how her customers connected so intensely to the pattern aesthetic and felt like she could push herself to do more. Her first interiors experiment was with her sons nursery, for which she designed the Ansonborough pattern.




Since my first historic preservation and studio art classes at the College of Charleston, I have experimented with a variety of media, techniques, and technology. I'm drawn to the lightness and difficulty of watercolor and the childlike, playful nature of oil pastels. I love the vibrance of acrylic and the permanence of plaster. I am inspired by the elegance of nib and ink and the handcrafted nature of screen printing. I am always in awe of the rhythm of pattern and the romance of photography.

Hospitality lies at the heart of who I am. No matter the media, I am constantly creating to deepen the connection between friends and family. I am driven to inspire a more gracious world.


Our Modus Operandi

 KK Harris and her team at Maiden Maxwell are a small but nimble group that operates with the highest sense of integrity. The team has a very specific approach, which is at the center of the design process.

Maiden Maxwell

A Good Sense of Humor Never Goes Out of Style

We recognize that life has many challenges. Maiden Maxwell is designed to help keep things light (hearted). We seek to spark laughter and create joy.

Preservation is Paramount

We seek to preserve the storied traditions of the building and decorative arts. Not only do we find immense inspiration from the past, but we actively seek to maintain traditional historic methods of production where possible. We work with American based family-owned screen printers who bring our designs to life the good old fashioned way (by hand).

Maiden Maxwell Vintage Photo

We Believe in the Pursuit of Neighborliness

We are committed to being friendly and helpful. We embrace opportunities to mentor and teach. We will always do what we can for the people we love. We prioritize working with vendors who also hold this truth.

Hospitality Is A Fine Art

We believe that entertaining is an art that we can learn at any age or stage of life. When we entertain, we give our time, talent and energy to others. This act creates shared memories and a more meaningful, inclusive world.

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